Thursday 19 January 2012
    Lodge Malvern No 230
    Meets at Masonic Centre, Coaltrack Road,
Domestic Night
No meeting
    St Albans Lodge No 2597 EC
    Meets at Masonic Centre, Ferrymead Historic Park,
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Unless otherwise stated, visitors are received at 8.00pm for Regular meetings and at 6.45pm for Installations.
The Avon Shirley Lodge No 185
Christchurch, New Zealand
    Canterbury Kilwinning Lodge No 23
    Meets at Masonic Centre, Dyers Pass Road,
    cashmere, Christchurch
No meeting
This information was correct when published in the latest issue of "The
Canterbury Compass".  The Avon Shirley Lodge No 185 takes no responsibility
for details that may have changed since publication.