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This page updated on
11 October 2014
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October Message
from the
Worshipful Master
Greetings Brethren

Marion and I return from our overseas trip totally entranced by the vastly different cultures and environs
of France and Venice.  The architecture is stunning and the history enthralling.  We enjoyed a week in
Paris cycling to Monet’s Garden and the Versailles Palace, a Vivaldi concert at San Chappelle and of course
a visit to Notre Dame (incredible).  

We travelled south down eastern France visiting many interesting towns and villages. One of these, Le
Quesnoy, is the sister town of Cambridge, NZ.  In the last days of the World War one New Zealand troops
engaged and overcame 1500 German troops holding the town without any loss of civilian life.  The
liberation is marked by the town naming many streets with NZ place names.  Seven days were spent
sailing in the Adriatic on the world's largest five-masted 'Clipper' sailing ship, calling in along the Croatian
coast.  Seven weeks, but isn’t it always great to return home.

Living in the Red Zone we settled the sale of our land with CERA and negotiations with our insurance
company before leaving for our holiday.  Building has commenced on our new house which we expect will
take six months to complete.  We have rental accommodation but will be looking for further
accommodation from mid-November until completion.  A whole new experience for us!!

What a wonderful Installation!  A really great night.  Thank you to all those who contributed in making this
a night to remember.

Our October meeting will be a 'domestic/education' evening where we will discuss the importance of
visiting and our reasons and responsibilities regarding this. I would like to establish a system, similar to
that previously employed in our lodge, for the involvement and enjoyment of all. I would welcome your
contributions at this meeting and especially ask the attendance and involvement of our senior brethren to
contribute with their thoughts and experiences.

On the board so far are a Second Degree for November, a Domestic Christmas meeting for December
(with partners) and a First Degree in February.  I will schedule a visiting list for the coming month and will
seek your support for these visits.  I am looking forward to a challenging and enjoyable year together.

Yours fraternally,

W Bro Dennis Brown

Worshipful Master