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This page updated on
1 July 2014
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July Message
from the
Worshipful Master
Greetings Brethren

As I write the Pillars Lorraine and I are preparing to fly to Brisbane on Saturday 21 June to join a cruise
around Australia. We are part of a group of seven couples and we are looking forward or some warmer

One small concern is we arrive home on Wednesday 9 July, the day before our July meeting. I will
definitely be taking my ritual book on my holiday!

On Saturday 7 June, along with W Bro Brown and W Bro Waters, I attended the Divisional Conference in
Ashburton.  R W Bro Wrigley was also present in his official capacity as President of the Board of General

The meeting was attended by brethren from throughout the South Island and was presided over by R W
Bro Harborow, Divisional Grand Master. The Grand Master was also in attendance.

This was an opportunity to meet like-minded brethren who care about the Craft and to hear motivated
speakers and share ideas. A theme of the meeting was recruitment and retention and working groups on
leadership, education, communication, community engagement and charity were held, all chaired by the
executive officers of these groups. These discussions help to out in place any suggestions that may assist
in the future of the craft.

The keynote speakers apart from the Divisional Grand Master were R W Bro G Wrigley, President Board of
General Purposes, V W Bro R Williams, Grand Lecturer, V W Bro R Angelo, Grand Superintendent of Works,
R W Bro L Milton, Chief Executive, R W Bro T McConnell, Superintendent of The Freemasons Charity and of
course the Grand Master M W Bro J Litton.

A pleasant aspect of this Conference was virtually no contentious issues and all the speakers were well
received. This was a very positive meeting and I thoroughly recommend all Brethren to make an effort to
attend next year.

Finally I am aware some of our brethren and wives are unwell at the moment. I hope you are all warm
and with the shortest day behind us hopefully we will see an improvement in the weather.

Yours fraternally,

W Bro Jim Gilmour

Worshipful Master