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This page updated on
11 November 2014
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November Message
from the
Worshipful Master
Greetings Brethren

Having settled down after our European experience I am now reviewing and editing some 2,500
photographs taken to record our passage throughout France and Venice. With modern digital cameras
and equipment, gone are the days of economising on film rolls and negative images. Memories for a life-
time. The building of our new house is progressing well and is ahead of schedule. We move to Kaiapoi
shortly to new rental accommodation and will stay there until the house is completed, expected to be the
end of March.

My sincere thanks to those who contributed at our first domestic meeting which focussed on Visiting &
Protocols. There has been a wonderful response and support from members signing up to accompany me
on visits to our fraternal brethren and lift the mana of our Lodge within our masonic circle. One visit a
month each, spread over our members would be tremendous. Let’s keep the momentum going. I will
certainly appreciate your joining me on our fraternal visits.

I’m looking forward to Passing Barry Smith EA to the degree of Fellow Craft this month, and our December
Christmas meeting (with partners) featuring ‘Les Dancing Girls’. An Initiation is scheduled for February  
March a Passing to the Fellow Craft degree for one of our Entered Apprentices.

W Bro Dennis Brown

Worshipful Master