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This page updated on
1 February 2013
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February Message
from the
Worshipful Master
Greetings Brethren

Well here we are into the New Year and I am sure another busy Masonic year for our Lodge.  I hope you
all had a happy and relaxing festive season.

Lorraine and I, along with a daughter and son-in-law, spent a fortnight in the North Island staying at
various resorts in the lower part of the Island.  We had a great time and I am now refreshed and ready
for action.

Firstly I want to comment on the untimely death of our very dear Brother V W Bro Ray Berry.  Sadly my
first Masonic duty for 2014 was speaking at V W Bro Ray's funeral and the huge number of Freemasons
present is an indication of his high standing within the Craft.  He will be greatly missed within our Lodge.  
W Bro Maurice Evens will present a eulogy at our February meeting.

The February meeting will be a first Degree on Mr XXXXXXXX.  This young man is really keen to become a
Freemason and I am sure with our support, he will be a valuable member.  

Please, all officers and as many charge presenters as possible be in attendance at our instruction meeting.
Finally, on Sunday 16 March our Lodge has been invited to participate in the annual ‘Seaside Lodges’ BBQ
at the Ferrymead Lodge Rooms.  Please mark this in your diaries and we will discuss further at our

I hope this finds all our members in good health and spirits.

Yours fraternally,

W Bro Jim Gilmour
Worshipful Master