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This page updated on
28 July 2014
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August Message
from the
Worshipful Master
Greetings Brethren

Well here I am writing the "Pillars" for our August meeting, my final meeting as your Master.

I have enjoyed this very busy year and the time has certainly passed quickly. The support and
cooperation I have received has been fantastic.

Since writing my last newsletter, Lorraine and myself have been on a cruise around Northern Australia. A
great experience, calm seas, very warm weather, great company and food. A very pleasant way to break
the spell of winter. We arrived home the afternoon before our July meeting, and for me, back to reality.

Our second degree ceremony went well with an excellent candidate. I am sure he has a bright future in

On Monday 21 July we paid a fraternal visit to Lodge Sumner No 245 for our annual "Exchange of Gavel".
This Second Degree meeting was an enjoyable evening, and I give thanks to the 14 Brethren who
accompanied me on such a cold miserable evening.

Our August meeting is going to be something different and ladies and friends are invited. The Lodge will
be Tyled at 7.15pm, we will attend to the business, admit visitors and close the Lodge (hopefully before
8.00pm). A Scottish musical evening is planned in the No 1 Lodge Room with our W Bro Barry Brinson
playing the organ, and myself playing the bagpipes. This recital will be for about one hour, after which we
will retire to the Refectory for supper, haggis and perhaps even a dram or two (14 August happens to be
a significant birthday for myself).

The ladies and visitors will meet and socialise in the Refectory for the short duration of the meeting. I
hope you can all attend. Also, if you have a kilt wear it. I will.

Finally I hope you are all keeping warm this very chilly winter. Hopefully we can look forward to a warm
spring and summer

Yours fraternally,

W Bro Jim Gilmour

Worshipful Master